Rick Boyle  Rick Boyle

I was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1952, and lived in Pennsauken, New Jersey (right across the river from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) for the next 26 years. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and wanted to be a Missionary Priest up until the time I was in High School, and I still have an interest in Missions to this day. During my senior year of High School I tried out for the singing chorus in the school play, and began singing in earnest.

After High School I continued in the local Community Theatre, where I met my future wife, Janet Turner. This is also when I gave my life to Jesus Christ and also started to sing Contemporary Christian music. We had four children, Erin, Sean, Philip and Beth. In 1978, after much discussion, we decided that the United States Air Force was a good opportunity and I enlisted. During my time in the USAF, we lived in many different places:- New Hampshire, Naples in Italy, Colorado, Mississippi, Illinois and finally Ohio. During the time that I was in Italy it was very instrumental in my decision to retire and move to Europe. I vowed, when I left the USAF in 1983, that I wanted to retire and move back to Europe one day. So, here I am!

Unfortunately, around the turn of the Century my marriage fell apart, and my ex-wife moved to Arizona, where she eventually married her old High School sweetheart. Though divorced we are still great friends. A few years before things completely fell apart a fellow church member, who opened a Recording Studio, asked me to make a CD, at cost, which he used as a demo for his Studio.

Also, at around this time, I also met Jose and his support helped me more than I can say during this rough time. He is a fantastic encourager! I now have nine wonderful grandchildren and Jose is a valuable part of my entire family.

In December 2015, shortly after the law changed in the U.S.A., Jose and I were married at our church (Covenant Presbyterian) in Springfield, Ohio. In 2016 we started researching moving overseas and, after a few false starts, chose Torrevieja, Spain. Primarily because we found an English speaking church which would accept us as a couple. We moved here on 15th April, 2018 and were here in church on our first Sunday in Spain.

Since moving here we have been amazed and thrilled because so many wonderful people have taken us under their wing and become our friends. We love it here, and hope to make La Siesta Evangelical Church for the long term.

Debbie Capewell  DEBBIE CAPEWELL

I come from the Midlands, living in Halesowen through my school and college years.  I left in 1970 to get married, first moving to Bedfordshire, then to Kent and then to South Wales, as my husband was a Quantity Surveyor and had to move with his work.

I worked in a bank for many years, until the birth of our daughter, Nicola.  When Nicola was quite young we moved to Essex, where I worked as a Bar Maid serving many of the staff and pilots from Stansted Airport.  In those days it was only a small entity.  Our next move was to a small village in Bedfordshire.  After about 5 years we returned to Kidderminster to be nearer our parents, who had retired and, as I needed to go back to work, they helped with the care of Nicola.  I worked in the kitchen at Kidderminster College, cooking and serving students and lecturers, then obtained a job as a receptionist at a local doctor’s surgery.  I left there to go to work for Kidderminster Hospital, as a Ward Clerk, a very busy and rewarding job, where I worked for 15 years until I took early retirement aged 55.

My husband retired when he was 60 and that was when we decided to move to Spain.  By this time both my father and Tony’s mother had passed away and my mother was in a Nursing Home suffering with severe Alzheimer’s.  We moved to Spain in 2004, Nicola buying her own apartment in La Mata, and moving here with us.

My childhood was a very happy one, and I was encouraged to go to Sunday School, firstly at the Methodist Church and then later to the Church of England, where I was confirmed in my early teens.  I have always tried to attend church and when moving to Spain I went to the local Anglican services in Los Balcones, which is where I first met Pastor Keith and his wife Kathy, moving to La Siesta Evangelical Church a few years ago, I have been very happy here since and became an Elder in 2017.

Howard Cook  Howard Cook

Howard was born in Lenzie, on the outskirts of Glasgow in December 1940.

As a small child he started in the junior section of the Sunday School of Lenzie Union Church of Scotland. He progressed through the Bible Class to become a full member at the age of seventeen shortly before setting out on a career in the Merchant Navy which was to last forty three years.

On marrying Fiona in 1971, he joined Shawlands Cross Church of Scotland which latterly merged with Shawlands Old to become Shawlands Church of Scotland.

Very shortly after retiring to Torrevieja both he and Fiona joined La Siesta Evangelical Church and in October 2002 he was ordained as an Elder. Sadly Fiona died in 2013.

Presently Howard acts as Treasurer and is also editor of the church newsletter.

Jose Cueto  Jose Cueto

I was born in Cuba, and raised in a Catholic family which created the foundation for my lifelong faith in God. Life was uneventful until Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 when the government nationalised private property and my parent’s businesses were taken from them without any compensation.

In 1961 all religious schools were closed down and all priests, pastors and religious leaders, who were not Cuban, were deported. My father tried desperately to arrange for my brother and myself to escape but the U.S.A. severed relations with Cuba before this could happen. Cuban law decreed that young men older than 16 would be forbidden from leaving the country. My father managed to secure a passage by boat, with two fishermen, and I reached Florida on my 16th birthday. I was admitted into a school in Columbus, Ohio, where I completed my education and graduated from university as an architect. I met and married my wife and we had a son. However, after 30 years of marriage we divorced and I was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. I felt lost at being rejected by the institution that had been a part of my life, but my faith never wavered. It was at this time that I met Rick, who was experiencing similar separation problems, and together we looked for a church where we could worship. We found one in the form of Covenant Presbyterian in Springfield, Ohio where we were welcomed with open friendliness in the full knowledge that we were a partnership. Their philosophy being “it was up to God to judge and not them”.

When the law in the U.S.A. changed in 2015 we were married there surrounded by our respective families, as well as our church family.

I feel that God is looking after me and showing me the way. We came to Torrevieja because we were looking for an English speaking church. The building itself might not be an architectural marvel but, something I discovered after leaving the Catholic church, is that it is not the building but the people who make a church. La Siesta Evangelical Church certainly meets that criteria and I cannot help but thank God for bringing me here.

Jack Doonan Jack Doonhan

Jack Doonan was born and brought up in Lenzie near Glasgow. His parents were staunch Baptists and, as a result, Jack was given a firm grounding in Christianity from a very early age. Jack accepted Jesus as his Saviour in 1957 and was baptised in and became a member of Kirkintilloch Baptist Church then.

After completing his schooling at Lenzie Acadamy, Jack joined the Fleet Air Arm and spent the next twenty years serving his country in a variety of aircraft carriers and land bases around the world, including a two year stint on a Commando Helicopter Squadron in the jungles of Borneo during the confrontation with Indonesia.

In 1960 while stationed at RNAS Lossiemouth, Jack met Moira and they were married in her local Church of Scotland, which she had attended from a child, in 1961. Their marriage has been blessed with one son and three grandchildren.

Unfortunately, in 1977 Jack´s naval career came to a premature end when, as a result of injuries received, he was invalided from the Service.

As a result, he had to pursue a totally different career. He chose public relations and spent the next twenty seven years following that profession in places as diverse as Aberdeen, Milton Keyes and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Jack and Moira joined La Siesta Evangelical Church in March 2007.

Sandra Garman nee Irvine Sandra

I was born October 22nd 1949, the third oldest in a very large family, as was the norm those days. As a family we did not have a lot of material things but we had a pretty good childhood.

I worked in the Kings Café in Elmbank Street, Glasgow, when I was 13 years old (not allowed now!). My first full-time job was in a Pawn Shop. I started the day after I left school.

My Mum always insisted we all went to church from an early age but, out of the rest of the family, I think I am the only one who has continued to do so.

I have one daughter who still lives in Glasgow where most of my family still lives as well.

I moved to Spain in 2004 with my husband Eric, who sadly passed away April 30th 2011. I met Ken and we married in Bon’ess, Scotland on March 11th 2013. We had our Wedding Blessing in La Siesta Evangelical Church on April 10th, which was also Ken’s birthday. We then had a reception in Portico Mar for nearly one hundred friends and family. We had four and a half very happy years together before Ken started to have some medical problems. For the last 18 months of his life he was mostly bedridden, but with the help of my sister, Elizabeth, we managed to make his time as comfortable as possible. I also had some very good neighbours, Mike, Ruby and, of course, Wendy, who looked after Ken for a week to let me go home to the U.K. to see my brother, Ian, who was also quite poorly. Keith and Kathy were also very good, phoning me every week to make sure I was okay and at the end of a phone if I needed them.

Ken, very sadly, passed away on July 16th 2018 with my sister and myself holding his hand at 4.00 p.m. that day. It has taken me a while to get back to everyday things, but I am very glad I have everyone at La Siesta Evangelical Church helping me.

Gordon Newlands  head

Born, brought up and educated in Edinburgh where I had a long association with the Boys’s Brigade as a boy and later as an officer.

I worked in the Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland for seven and a half years and then left to train as a Primary School Teacher. I taught in Edinburgh and West Lothian before becoming Head Teacher of Fox Covert Primary School in the west of Edinburgh in 1982.

After fifteen years there I took early retirement and moved to Spain with my wife Wilma. We first came to La Siesta Evangelical Church in 1997-1998 while renting a property in Calle Purcell. On completion of our home in Cuidad Quesada we moved there in September 1998.

Sadly Wilma’s health deteriorated and she died in San Jaime Hospital in January 2010.

Sharron Rippon  Megan Wright

I am Elizabeth Sharon Rippon and was born on 5th June 1952 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  I was born into a very loving family and was one of four children.  After finishing school I worked in the Head Office of a Bank for several years and then changed jobs.  Before I left Zimbabwe I was a Credit Controller for a Finance Company.  I was married in Zimbabwe and we had a son.  We decided to leave Zimbabwe when our son was two years old because we didn’t want our son to be brought up in a very unstable and violent country.  We moved to England but I had to leave my very close family behind in Zimbabwe, which was very difficult to do.  Unfortunately, my marriage broke-down, however, I stayed in England because by this time my family had also left Zimbabwe and are now living in South Africa.

I was living in Skegness and did seasonal work for several years until I joined, what was, the DHSS, where I worked for 23 years.  While in Skegness I met Terry and we were married on the 29th July, 1985.  Between us we say we have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  We moved to Spain in 2007 and said we would give it two years.  We are still here and loving it!!

I was brought up as a Christian and attended Sunday school and regularly attended church.  In Skegness I was a member of the Skegness Methodist Church.  While I was there I was in the Choir and a Steward.  Moving to Spain I have always attended La Siesta Evangelical Church, although only officially became a member on the 23rd February 2014.  Since then I became an Elder on 23rd April 2017.  That day was one of my proudest and most profound of days.  I now hope to be an example to my Church and to also be able to lead by example.  

Sue Stacey  head

I was born on the Isle of Wight but I grew up in Brighton and Hove in Sussex. My parents were not regular church goers but we had an Anglican Church at the top of our road where I joined the Brownies and the Sunday School. I believe this is where my faith first started and has never left me.

Although life and work prevented me from attending church on a regular basis, as I grew older I never stopped praying on a daily basis and drew strength from reading the bible. I married my first husband but this was not to work out and we divorced. I have never been blessed with children.

After a couple of false starts in my working life, I found my vocation in working in Personnel where I was lucky enough to obtain Day Release to study for my Institute of Personnel Management. I also met my best friend and future husband, Bob. We married in St.Luke’s Church, Ironbridge and were very happily married for twenty seven years. During this time we moved to the West Midlands as Bob’s work took him to Wolverhampton and I began to work for H.Samuels the Jewellers at their Head Office in Birmingham as their Personnel and Training Manager.

We moved house several times but after taking early retirement we moved to a tiny hamlet in Shropshire where we spent ten happy years. Little did I know but we were destined to make one more move and that, of course, was to Spain. I have lived here now for eight years. Sadly Bob passed away in 2015 but I know he never regretted the move to Spain. They say God works in mysterious ways and Bob's passing brought me to this Church for which I am very grateful. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be welcomed here and feel so much a part of the Church family.

Helen Tudor  helenTudor

I was born in Oswestry, Shropshire in 1945 and completed my schooling at the local high school.

At 17, I joined the Women’s Royal Army Corps and after basic training had my only overseas posting to… Anglesey. After two years analysing film of (mis)guided missile flights I was posted to Guildford to train new recruits for a further 2 years.

After a brief spell working in a hospital pharmacy, I served 2 years in the Police before finding a niche in t he Post Office where I worked for 30 years spending the last 20 in the financial headquarters in Chesterfield. It was here that I be came a member of the local Methodist church.

We bought a holiday apartment in Spain in 1990 and enjoyed this “bolt hole” so much that when I gained early retirement, we decided to live permanently in Quesada in 2000. I was pleased to be introduced to the Evangelical church in La Siesta and have enjoyed these years as part of the church family.

I look forward to making a useful contribution to the church’ s continued success, as an Elder.

Kathy Walton Brown  head

My name is Kathy Walton-Brown I was born in Yorkshire on the 20th March youngest daughter to Roy and Edith Walton. I had 2 brothers and 1 sister I lost my eldest brother Darren 2 years ago in Canada.

My eldest sister Lyn lives in the U.S.A. and my other brother Shaun lives in Canada with a number of my other relatives.

My mother was Roman Catholic so I grew up in the catholic faith being baptised and confirmed and always loved going to Sunday school and learning all about my Lord He has guided me all my life.

At an early age I would sing in the church choir which I loved, joining in with the small shows they would put on. It became quite clear at an early age I would become an entertainer always showing off, my stage name came about when I was offered a spot in a summer show in Skegness.

Kathy Walton did not run off the tongue, Carson was my mother’s maiden name and that's how Cathy Carson was born.

I turned professional at 11yrs old missing out on a lot of school but going out into the great big world I soon learned about life.

My faith was always with me leading and guiding me. I sang all over the world and went to many different churches even getting to sing in some of them.

I met and married my first husband John while on summer season and he was the drummer in the Group, The Three New Pennies.

After my singing career I worked for the Lincoln Co-op starting on the tills and then as a troubleshooting Manager visiting branches that had a serious problem before running my own Co-op branch in Woodhall Spa which brings back so many happy memories.

John and I were married for 23 years but sadly the marriage was dissolved.

I would always find time to put on a charity event to raise money for the church.

I met and married Keith while working as a care assistant at London Luton Airport once again God lead me to change directions.

Keith and I found ourselves going to an Anglican Church but most times I found it too high for me and I preferred a lower church which is how we found ourselves attending and being very involved at a Church in Kempston in Bedfordshire.

Keith and I came to live in Spain 12yrs ago and we soon made many new friends.

Again I took up singing and led a group of singers for a few years singing for many charities, but have now retired from that life style.

We have been to many churches here in Spain but were eventually led to La Siesta Evangelical Church which led me onto where I am today in his tender care leading me in my faith.

Becoming an Elder was an honour and I pray that with our Lords guidance I can continue with his work here in La Siesta, Spain.

Yours in Christ. Kathy

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